Dance @ Nikki Webster Showgroup

Showgroup is the name given to the Troupe who represents Dance @ Nikki Webster Studios for performances and competitions throughout Sydney.

They will also appear at various social events throughout the year to promote the dance studio at community events.

Showgroup can be very exciting as students build performance skills, perform alongside Australia’s industry professionals and get to travel and compete with their friends. Students find Showgroup a rewarding experience but it is not without some sacrifice.

Once a week Students dedicate their time to learn choreography. Rehearse and perfect their routines and performance skills. Unless a student is ill they are expected to attend EVERY Week. This means sometimes children miss school discos, birthday parties, etc because they have a commitment to Showgroup. Fantastic results do not happen without teamwork and every member must be present to achieve this. We do realise that occasionally a student may have a prior commitment or something rare that may clash, so private tuition is available for students at the usual fee. Parents also make a commitment to ensure that their child practises and is confident with their routines. Showgroup can be hard work however it is also very rewarding and students should be honoured to be included.

Auditions are via invitation only.
All welcome to try if doing 3 or more classes at the studio.


AUGUST 6TH - Strathfield South Public School Fete
First public performance - put on a fantastic show for all the local kids

SEPTEMBER 11TH – Strathfield Spring Fair
The showgroup performed alongside Justice Crew. Biggest event of the year in Strathfield.

SEPTEMBER 16TH – Woolworths Children’s Hospital Fundraiser
The children opened the night with a smashing performance for the charity event.

OCTOBER 22ND - Ashfield Infants Home
Showgroup will be performing to entertain all the families involved with the Ashfield infants home, a fantastic organisation.

OCTOBER 30TH - Norton St Fiesta
A once a year festival in leichhardt that our showgroup will be performing at.

NOVEMBER 6TH - Bankstown Sport Club
Showgroup will be performing at Bankstown Sport Club.

DECEMBER 11TH - Roly Poly’s Christmas Fete
Showgroup will be the headline act at Roly Poly’s Christmas Fete in Cabravale.