Private Lessons

Dance @ Nikki Webster offers private lessons in every style!!

Whether you want a more personalized service, to get ready for a special occasion or want to get ready to enter esteidfords!!

We can tailor the class to suit your needs.

These lessons can be booked for one-on-one tuition or for a group of your friends.

All private lessons are booked through Reception, phone 0411 861 849 or email us at for more information.

Private lessons we can offer:
• Singing
• Jazz
• Musical theatre
• Tap
• Ballet
• Contemporary
• Hip hop/ break dancing
• Drama
• Acrobatics
• Wedding dances

Criteria for solos to be performed at the concert
All private lesson students have the chance to perform their solos at our open mic night throughout the year (normally mid term 2)

In regards to solos/duos/trios etc being performed at the end of year concerts, in order for your routine to be eligible to be apart of the "Eisteddfod Placing student Megamix", which showcases students who have placed in eisteddfods throughout the current year, the following must be presented in order for your routine to be considered.

1. A program of the eisteddfod supplied showing us the section and number of entrants
2. You must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the eisteddfod
3. There must be at least 6 in your section