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Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to go on some amazing trips - dance trips are open to all students at the studio, it’s a chance for the students to further their careers, dance around the world and make friendships that last a lifetime. Below is a few of the most recent trips for you to enjoy.
NEXT STOP IS JAPAN !!! you want to join us?

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1. LA – Anaheim Disneyland, Universal studios, performance on the Hollywood walk of fame and workshops and The Edge

2. Hong Kong – Hong Kong Disneyland, ocean park, light show
London - performance in the biggest Westfields in London, West End show and workshop, workshops at Pineapple Studios
Paris - Paris Disneyland

3. Orlando - Disneyworld, Downtown Disney, workshops at Disney, universal studios
Caribbean cruise - performances on the Oasis of the Seas - the world's biggest cruise ship
New York - workshops at Alvin Alley, Broadway Dance Centre & Broadway show and workshop

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