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Handbags & Heels Dance Class

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If you’re not the next contender for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and you didn’t make the cut for ‘Dancing with the Stars’, set dance floors on fire with the Handbag & Heels dance class at Dance @ Nikki Webster. You’ll learn all the right moves to get you noticed on your next night out.

Dance @ Nikki Webster in Stanmore is a dance school set up by Nikki Webster and her brother, Scott. Along with all the usual dance classes for kids and adults, there’s also the very social, Handbags and Heels class. The great thing about the Handbags & Heels class is that you can go along with a group of your girlfriends and learn how to look fabulous, teeter on high heels, and hold your bag, all while busting some wicked moves.

No previous dancing experience is required and once you get a glass of bubbly and meet your outrageous drag queen teacher, you’ll soon see you’re in for a wild ride.

You can pick up some moves you can actually use when you’re in a nightclub or at a party. After the class there’s no better way to get in some practice than by tapping your twinkle toes into the nearest nightclub and making yourself & your possie the talk of the town.
More Information
Dance @ Nikki Webster
218-220 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore
Telephone: 0411 861 849
The Handbags and Heels Dance Class starts at $20 per person (min 8 people).
Prices correct as of 09/05/09

Nikki’s new single ‘Devilicious’ will be released on the 12th June.
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