Class Descriptions


Fairy Ballet Pre Primary RAD Pre Junior / Movers & Shakers


Jazz/FunkSingingContemporaryRAD BalletMusical TheatreAcrobatics
CheerleadingAnti Gravity YogaHip HopTapStretch and TechniqueDrama


Our classes are specifically designed for young children, who love music and movement. We offer a comfortable and exciting atmosphere for both the parents and the children. We teach children from 18 months to 5 years in our Babies Program. Teaching a variety of different dance styles including:

Fairy Ballet Pre Primary RAD

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. This is the perfect introduction class to classical ballet for your little ones. A fun class focusing on the basic movements of ballet and incorporating the use of fairies and ribbons to help them express themselves. This class goes for 45 minutes.

Pre Junior / Movers & Shakers

This class is for the 5 and under’s to introduce them to the world of dance. We start the class off with a fun and energetic warm up routine, then we explore the beginnings of good posture, technique etc. whilst incorporating high-energy routines.

We believe in giving young children the right start in performing arts classes, which will lay the foundation for successful, confident young dancers of the future. Movers and shakers classes are a mixture of jazz, movement, singing and role-play. Music and movement constantly change to allow for short attention spans.

Your child will also learn the basics to dancing in time with the music and various jazz ballet routines.



Jazz with a funky flavor. Lean to dance as seen in the video clips of such artists as Madonna, Britney Spears and Kylie. Whilst learning Jazz technique. This high-energy class is designed to give the dancer control, increased flexibility, and musicality. Correct technique is stressed as you learn a basic jazz vocabulary while having fun learning the latest hip moves.


Taught by Australia’s Mutli-Platinum selling Child star Nikki Webster.

This class focuses on developing vocal technique, placement, projection and range.

Nikki will teach the kids the basics of vocal placement, the history of music and the different styles of music and how to sing them, as well as the tricks of the trade when it comes to recording and pop singing.

A not-to-be-missed class if you think your child has what it takes to become an entertainer!


A modern form of dance, a combination of Ballet and Classical Jazz. Contemporary dance focuses on the principles of- Centering, Alignment, Gravity, Breath, Contraction, Release, Fall and Recovery, Extension, Balance and Off-Balance, Tension and Relaxation, Opposition and Emotion.


Graceful movements using classical ballet positions. Learn proper terminology and body placement. After strengthening and stretching their bodies at the ballet barre, young ballerinas will be exposed to free flowing movements as they chasse around the room. This class is structured around the royal academy of dance world wide recognized syllabus and allows students to strive towards exams.


Musical Theatre classes are comprised of singing and dancing, with the dance styles taught being similar to Bob Fosse’ as seen in musicals such as Chicago, Chorus Line, Cabaret and West Side Story, as well as styles from High School Musical, Annie, Fame, We Will Rock You, Legally Blonde, Wicked, hairspray and much more.

This class includes a vocal and dance warm up and theatre teams, followed by a choreographed song and dance routine. Learn all about the world of theatre through music and dance.

ACROBATICS / Circus Skills classes

The perfect place to learn and practice risky but amazing tricks in a safe environment!

Learning right from the beginning that safety comes first, our "performers" go on to embrace all aspects of circus entertaining. From learning the art of performance favourites through to acrobatic gems such as cartwheels and tumbling, aerial cartwheels, and of course flips and saults.

Acrobatics focuses on strength, flexibility, coordination and placement. This is the class for you if you want to learn and develop acrobatic tricks to add that ‘wow factor’ to your next dance routine.

Circus/ Acrobatics classes are the ideal classes for your child (or your inner child) to showcase their individuality and creativity, whilst working towards improved strength, flexibility, coordination focus, and concentration.

Circus and Acrobatic classes encourage a very supportive approach that focuses on having fun, trying your hardest, and allowing everyone to find the particular skill and style that suits them. Diversity and individuality are a fundamental part of what makes circus so exciting and unique, and there are so many different skills on offer that everyone can find the area in which they shine.


Dance @ Nikki Webster offers a program of traditional American Style Cheerleading, which is sweeping the globe as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Cheerleading classes teach all the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Stunts, Tumbles, Cheer, Chants, Dance and Pom. Cheerleading develops teamwork skills and sportsmanship in a friendly environment with coaches that really care. The classes are fun, challenging, promote teamwork and involve training in Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers and Poms.


A new Dance style to hit Dance @ Nikki Webster in 2015, the only studio on the Central Coast & only dance studio in Sydney to offer such an incredible unique form of training, for both adults and kids

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a unique fusion technique, revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. The AntiGravity® Hammock acts as a soft trapeze and as a support while you master simple inversions and finally progress to more advanced poses.

AntiGravity® Yoga is a fitness regimen designed to increase one's overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. AntiGravity® is an acrobatic performance whose class workout utilizes the AntiGravity® Hammock. The technique was originally created for athletes and gymnasts and has since been modified and perfected for the everyday athlete and dancers. Incorporating components from dance, Pilates and calisthenics, AntiGravity® has created a complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning you from the compression of gravity. AntiGravity® Yoga works to manipulate physics while staying lighthearted.


Think popping, locking and grounded choreography that is up to date with the current trends and styles in the commercial dance scene.

Classes are packed with high-energy routines and combinations containing both smooth and fast dance moves.


Loud, fun & rhythmical, Dance @ Nikki Webster offers challenging tap classes for the beginner or more advanced tap dancer. Students are taught technical based exercises, incorporating co-ordination & style.


Stretch and Technique classes are combined with many methods of dance disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, body Conditioning and high fitness needed to strengthen students technique and flexibility.

Stretch and Technique classes also consist of teaching correct technique for kicks, leaps, jumps and turns and is a fantastic class for students who wish to strengthen their technical dance ability.

Stretch and technique classes are compulsory for all young performers wanting to be in show group!


Acting class focusing on improvisation, scene study, character development and creating a moment. On Camera work will also be focused on in this class.